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Grow Your Network

Watch your LinkedIn network grow as we send out connection requests on your behalf every day. Fill your network with laser-targeted connections that will resonate with your content and/or sales material.

Generate Business Leads

As we begin to send connection requests, new connections will visit your optimized LinkedIn profile and learn what you're all about - without even having to make a sales pitch.

Retarget Your New Connections

Use the leads that we acquire for you on LinkedIn on other platforms such as Facebook custom audiences, email, and more. These leads have already connected with you so your ads will resonate with them as we continuously send them messages on your behalf.

Drive Inbound Traffic

We'll have new leads in your niche start to send connection requests to you. These people will be wanting to learn more about you and your services without even having to sell to them.

Close More & Better Deals

As your network begins to grow, we'll be acquiring outbound and inbound leads from people in the niche you're selling to. Your only job at this point is to close the deal and get to business.

Turn Your LinkedIn Account into a 24/7 Sales Machine

  • Eliminate Cold Calling
  • Eliminate Cold Emails
  • Eliminate Hiring Unnecessary Sales 
  • Bulletproof A/B Tested Sales Copy
  • Laser-Targeted Prospecting at Ease
  • Experts in Sales Outreach
  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • Included Contact Data Mining
  • Advanced Metrics & Reporting

Introducing... Our 4-Step Done-For-You Lead Generation System

  1. 1
    Step 1: We build your prospecting list in Sales Navigator
    We'll build you laser targeted lists for prospect outreach to ensure we're reaching out to the right people. These are the key decision-makers that are willing to actually pay you for your services!
  2. 2
    Step 2: We craft bulletproof tested copy specifically for your business
    We'll provide your entire brand messages, as clear as day. We've A/B tested many different touch-points in different niches and came out successful for our clients all the time.
  3. 3
    Step 3: We start sending out connection requests and follow-up messages on your behalf
    We'll start sending out connection requests to prospects in your Sales Navigator list and then a consecutive amount of messages over time when there's no response, straight to their LinkedIn inbox.
  4. 4
    Step 4: We then send the leads and their contact information to your dedicated CRM
    You'll be notified by all new leads that messaged back on LinkedIn. If you have a CRM, we can direct them there. This data includes all contact information provided on the LinkedIn profile such as email addresses and phone numbers.

Do you have clients who need more clients? No problem. We offer a full white-label solution to those looking to sell our system to their clients as well.

Why LinkedIn? It's a Goldmine for B2B Sales.


LinkedIn is responsible for 80% of B2B leads from social media.


90 million senior-level influencers and 63 million decision makers use LinkedIn.


59% of B2B marketers say LinkedIn generates leads for their business.

Ready to Get a Sh*t Ton of New Appointments Set in Your Calendar?



Didn't watch the video? Read the transcript below...

I hear from business owners all the time...

I can’t find new clients for my business, no matter how hard I try or no matter where I look.

If you feel like the only thing holding you back from getting results is finding your clients in the first place, I’m going to help you solve this problem TODAY.

You’ve tried running ads, sending cold emails, even attended networking events with little to no success...

You see, the problem is...

Your ideal clients are being contacted every single day by people offering similar services as you are.


When you’re running a cold audience campaign, you never know what kind of results you’ll get... usually equaling a lower ROI on your marketing spend.

Now what if I told you that we can skip the entire awareness aspect of the funnel and go straight to the key decision-makers at any organization?

We do just that ​for you.


Most track open rates, but these are never accurate. And most people never truly know if their emails are reaching the inbox in the first place.

And let's just be honest...

No business owner in their right mind wants to have to clutter through sales pitches in their inbox as soon as they get into the office every morning.

Good news...

Cold emails are so 2010 and we’ll get your messages delivered directly into your dream client’s LinkedIn inbox.

Ready to hear the better solution that will cut your ad spend to 0 and get more scorching hot leads that are ready to buy your services or products?


We help get your message across to just about any potential business owner or executive in your ideal niche.

I mean... 

Just take a look at some of the results that I was able to get with just one LinkedIn campaign within just a couple of days.

These are people that are ready to hear more about your offers and learn what you’re all about.

Notice how these are key decision-makers?

And guess what…

They’re ready to BUY FROM YOU.

This is absolutely the #1 secret that other agency experts won’t share with you...

We’ve tested all sorts of sales copy in tons of different niches
for our clients.

And it’s just about worked for every one of them...

From agencies to consultants to freelancers, our system has been able to close over $10K in monthly deals for all of our clients so far.


We start our system by first defining your dream client list in LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator platform.

We then start to craft client-winning messages that have been able to sell high and low-ticket services or products for every one of our clients - without even coming off as salesy.

Here’s where our superpowers kick in for you...

We’ll start automatically sending out connection requests to everybody in your prospect list every day.

Imagine getting your messages across to 90-100 TARGETED prospects every day...


Once the LinkedIn connection request is accepted, we start sending out follow-ups on your behalf.

Similar to what you’d see in a cold email campaign - except our messages are actually being seen.

If the prospect doesn’t respond to your 1st message, we’ll send more over a period of time.

And we’ll keep sending them until we get a response.

Our perfectly crafted and A/B tested copy works so well that it’s kept secret for our clients...

The final step of our effective client-grabbing system is getting access to other contact data from your prospects that chose to connect with you... AUTOMATICALLY

What kind of data can we acquire you might ask?

  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Twitter usernames
  • Website URLs
  • Job title
  • Company name

You can start generating leads and turn them into clients starting NOW! It's time to take action and turn your LinkedIn account into a social selling machine!

You’ll even get your own dedicated CRM that’s automatically updated when new connection requests are accepted
on LinkedIn.

Here's what it looks like:

Notice all of the valuable data you can use to maximize the ROI out of your lead generation process?

What you’d do with this extra data is completely up to you.

But you wanted value, so I’ll give you a few ideas...

How can you use the prospect’s data to your advantage?

  • Custom Facebook Audiences: for retargeting LinkedIn connections and creating LLA audiences.
  • Emails: no longer cold, we've already connected with them so they know who we are.
  • Ringless Voicemails: send pre-recorded voicemails directly to the prospect's phone (cold calling on steroids)
  • + More...

BONUS: Here’s something I’ve never shared before…

Our primary sales funnel that we use to book 10+ sales appointments every day.

Now while I won’t go over every aspect of our funnel, I just wanted to give you an example of what we’re doing to book as many appointments as we are.

If you’re interested in full funnel design, automated execution, + cold emails sent on your behalf, we also offer full consulting to our clients that want to make some huge wins in no time with little work on their end.

We can set up your entire automated sales funnel so your only job is to close the deal! Interested in a consulting call?


Let’s get back to it because I’m not finished just yet.

We’ll then convert your “typical” LinkedIn profile into a full SALES FUNNEL.

Now imagine this…

While we build out your connections on LinkedIn, you’ll notice your network substantially increase over time.

Here’s what it’ll begin looking like for you:

What does this mean for you and your business?

More INBOUND LEADS coming to you to learn more about YOUR services.

We help position you as the authority in your niche by building a cult following of hyper-targeted prospects.

From CEOs to Founders to Owners to Marketing Directors, you name it...

Now what happens when your laser-targeted prospects begin seeing and engaging with your content on LinkedIn such as articles and posts?

Just notice the difference in the amount of views and engagement on my posts since we’ve mastered the LinkedIn algorithm!

LinkedIn also gives us spots on your profile where we can place all sorts of content such as...

  • Lead magnets
  • LinkedIn articles & posts
  • Services your business offers
  • + more...

Imagine your dream clients consistently getting value from you all while selling your services using a non-salesy approach.

But like I said before…

This is kept secret for our clients, so if you want in on the program, go ahead and book a FREE strategy call with us.

Forget about selling day-to-day and let us take care of the job for you.

Your only job now - is to close the deal.

​Cody Dufrene

Founder at Leadsster & The LinkedIn Leads System

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Do you have clients who need more clients? No problem. We offer a full white-label solution to those looking to sell our system to their clients as well.

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LinkedIn is actually the place to be. I never tried it before. Finally, Leadsster got me all set up and moving within a week.

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